The Author

     My name is Emilyann Paige.
I'm sixteen years old. 
I was born the day after Valentine's Day. 
I go to a classical online school.
I have green eyes.
I love my panda hat, and my brand new Canon Rebel XS.
All of my best friends live far away, because of said online school.
Vintage = Awesome.
My favorite animal is a hippo, I have so many stuffed ones, I've lost track.
Snail mail is my favorite thing in the world.
I am, however, terrible at responding.
I'm a terrible procrastinator.
I love Keds. And my zebra snuggie.
Pictures are like frozen memories, and art redefined. That's why I love photography so much.
I sing in the shower. Taylor Swift, too.
"You Belong With Me" on good days.
"Mean" on bad days. (watch out for those).
I'm emotional. very. emotional.
I play guitar. Her name is Angela.
Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite author, and one of my favorite people. I don't care if he's a creep.
I go in phases with makeup. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I can't stand it on my face. I'm just kind of glad I'm not addicted like some people. I can do without it if I don't have time.
I have a recent obsession with blowdrying my hair.
I'm always texting. 
I want to live in the South. Desperately. I would have been a confederate. And a southern belle. :)
I love going to bed late, and waking up late. My schedule, however, doesn't.
I love laying in bed and watching movies until the wee hours.
I can talk myself into things. A very handy ability.
I have a therapeutic body pillow named Bob. 
He's actually Bob III. I lost Bob I in a rental car.
Bob II failed, miserably.
So I now have Bob III.
I live in Eastern Iowa, as of two and a half years ago. 
I've started to talk like a midwesterner. 
(I'm from California)
I already have the hymns/scripture readings picked out for my wedding.
Not to mention all of my children's names.
I love JJ Heller. And all of her music.
I'm a LCMS Lutheran Pastor's Kid.
I'm kind of a stereotype overload. PK *and* homeschooled. Hey. I'm not the only one.
I get really excited over every new follower.
I'm babbling.
I'm going to stop now.
Congratulations on making it to the end of the list. ;)

e m i l y a n n